I’m Mélanie, a French girl who lives in the south of France, near Cannes and work as a Graphic designer.

I will now reveal the mystery behind my name as a vidder : «NCISmelanie»
Hope you're ready...
I liked NCIS and created my Youtube channel with this name... I kept it ever since on Twitter to match with my Youtube channel.


Editing my favorite shows has been a passion for years. I started with X-files when I did not even have a computer.
I was recording my TV with a camcorder and adding music afterwards. Yeah... you don’t want to watch that.
I made some videos about Stargate SG1, NCIS, Battlestar Galactica and House.
I use Final Cut Pro on iMac.


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"177 episodes in 7 minutes" illustrates Hugh Laurie's talk about "House" in this interview

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Thanks to all the people who ever took time to comment on my videos, your words mean a lot to me, thank you so much !

Tons of ‘merci’ to my friends Olivia and Mary. They helped a lot by promoting my videos everywhere and I’m sure this is thanks to them that they were watched by the crew of House.





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